Write for BoringEM

I greatly appreciate the support that this blog has received from the FOAM community since I started writing only a few months ago. From the return readers, to the comments, to the tweets, to Mike Cadogan setting up my new site, to @emchatter giving it skin, I would never have imagined receiving this much support.

I would like to build on this. However, with each post I am becoming more convinced that a solo blog is not the way I want to do that. While some sites (ie – PHARM, EMCrit) are able to pull it off in spades, I do not think this site will be able to meet its potential without partners. I see a ton of potential in the multi-collaborator model used by LITFL and ALiEM. Posts are more frequent, there is greater opportunity for peer review, each contributor has unique strengths and interests, and shared decision making leads to a better overall product.

And so, I am looking for a collaborator/partner to write for BoringEM. No particular experience is necessary, but exceptional writing skills and enthusiasm for emergency medicine are a must. Involvement in some aspect of the FOAM-o-sphere (ie – twitter) would be an asset. If you are interested in writing about subjects that I am currently posting about (Medicine, Mentorship and FOAM/EBM) that would be great, but I am open to the site expanding into new areas. A fellow Canadian would keep the site “all in the country,” but I do have a weakness for sweet accents. I think another EM resident/physician would be a great fit, but I would definitely consider an allied health professional with a vision for how they would like to contribute.

There are no absolute prerequisites and I would encourage anyone that would be willing to write for BoringEM to contact me! Hopefully there is a great writer out there that is interested in contributing to the FOAM movement and willing to partner with me to expand BoringEM.