This is the 2nd edition of the Free Open-Access Medical education (FOAM) Social Media Index (SM-Index). The original pilot of 25 websites was published on June 22nd, 2013 along with the post The Social Media Index: A Pilot Project. The experiment continues with this update which now includes 45 sites. It is far from comprehensive, but some of the obviously missing major sites in the realm of emergency medicine and critical care FOAM are now included. The chart has also been upgraded with the inclusion of links to each of the sites.

If you would like your site removed/included let me know.

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1Life in the Fast Line112211000
3Academic Life in EM*65141412
4Ultrasound Podcast1613435171
6The Poison Review8165151156
8Intensive Care Network1888514132
10Emergency ECG Video of the Week94231514108
12Emergency Medicine Ireland20102395104
13The Trauma Professional's Blog101723155100
14EM Lit of Note21141912599
16St. Emlyn's19122371493
17Broome Docs131923151483
18EM Basic241511152776
20Skeptic's Guide to EM32279151472
21SMART EM2645615572
22EM PEM252915151471
23PEM ED292813151471
24The Short Coat36212315570
25Pediatric EM Morsels53023152770
26Rural Flying Doc*32223154068
27Tox Talk39361415564
29Sketchy Medicine123923152760
30MD Aware441123152758
33Underneath EM372323152756
34The Rolobot Rambles281823154256
35KI Docs232623154254
36Manu et Corde*213123154054
38The Chart Review453723151452
39A Life at Risk304321132752
40Expensive Care383223152752
41EM Lyceum314222152751
42ECG of the Week433423112751
43Renal Medicine414118152749
44EM J Club403820154245
45Flipped EM Classroom424023154243

*The PageRank score of these sites’ redirect address (ie / were used because that is what PageRank is tracking.