Boring Cards

This page is the home of “Boring Cards,” the Board exam study notes that I have started making for myself. For the background on this project check out my posts The AnkiEM Project and AnkiEM Evoluation. Basically, when I started the cards I knew that I wanted to use a spaced-repetition (thanks to Chris Nickson from Life in the Fast Lane for exposing me to this concept) flashcard tool and Anki seemed like the best bet. However, I eventually decided that a more accessible and transferableprogram would better facilitate sharing with the #FOAMed community and be more future proof.

I am currently working through Rosen’s Emergency Medicine and making Boring Cards to summarize each chapter as I go. As of May 24th, 2013 I have completed decks for Chapters 145-163 (all toxicology chapters) and started on a deck full of Tiny Tips memory devices. If you’re interested in making use of them it’s quite simple.

Step 1 – Get a flashcard program that is compatible with my card hosting site, Flashcard Exchange. I recommend Flashcards Deluxe for both iOS and Android because of its spaced repetition ability and solid interface

Step 2 – Search for “BoringEM” on Flashcard Exchange and you will find all of my decks listed by Rosen’s chapter.

I’ve learned a lot making them and even more reviewing them. Hopefully some others find them useful as well!